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International Polo

Justerini & Brooks Global Resurgence.

Justerinis & Brooks is strengthening its presence once again in the world of polo; solidifying the continuing partnership between the royal warrant holding fine wine merchant, and the sport of kings. Justerinis will be supporting a number of clubs and tournaments globally.
The highlights of the UK polo season will be the ‘Justerini & Brooks Prince of Wales Cup’ and ‘Justerini & Brooks Arthur Lucas Cup’, at the Beaufort Polo Club this summer. Over each of the two week tournaments, polo teams will play high-class polo to win these legendary cup titles in one of the most spectacular clubs in the UK.

Justerini & Brooks' Prince of Wales Cup - Highlights

“The Justerini & Brooks Prince of Wales Cup is always an exhilarating tournament to be a part of. We see spectacular polo being played with some world-class players.

With an enormous amount of history and talent, there is no better match this year than at Beaufort Polo Club."

- Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director of Justerini & Brooks

A Polo History

Justerini & Brooks’ current heritage with the sport dates back to the 1980s, when they simultaneously launched their involvement in England, and also in India. In India, Justerini & Brooks launched the ‘J&B Baroda Cup’ in Delhi - an international 12-goal event. The J&B Baroda Cup was the first time that sponsorship had been introduced to the game of polo in India, which up until then had been regarded as a military sport. Justerinis & Brooks’ title endorsement, alongside that of a small group of highly distinguished influencers, brought the sport to increased eminence in Delhi, and polo in India became increasingly synonymous with luxury amongst an international elite.
During the same period back in the UK, Justerini & Brooks sponsored the J&B Pro International polo tournament, with a J&B polo team captained by James Lucas - HRH Prince Harry’s former coach, and which he took to victory in 1992.

History in Polo
History in Polo

A Historical Polo Alliance

"The Beaufort’s one of the oldest Polo Clubs in the world. We have a strong connection with the royal family and very lucky to have an alliance with Justerini & Brooks. We are two historical brands and a great alignment."

- Mark Tomlinson, Director of Beaufort Polo Club & England Player

The Polo Tour

The polo tour begins with British Polo Day’s UK event in June. As their global wine partner, Justerinis will be supporting every leg of the tour: Initially spanning China, Saint-Tropez & Monte Carlo before moving on to Mexico and India - and to complete the round trip – Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

We are especially looking forward to our high goal tournaments at Beaufort Polo Club this summer: ‘Justerini & Brooks Prince of Wales Cup’ and ‘Justerini & Brooks Arthur Lucas Cup’.

Today, The Arthur Lucas Cup is an extremely special high goal polo tournament for the Tomlinson family, the owners of the Beaufort Polo Club, and whose tournament title bares homage to ‘Arthur Lucas – the Godfather of Polo’. Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director at Justerini & Brooks said,

“Justerini & Brooks is delighted to become involved with the prestigious Arthur Lucas Cup. To have had Arthur Lucas’s grandson captain our J&B polo team nearly twenty five years ago helps loop together a polo partnership we’re very proud to be involved with.”


Justerinis is also the exclusive wine supplier to Cirencester Park Polo Club and Guards Polo Club; historic clubs that mark the highest level of polo played in the UK. Justerinis are extremely proud to celebrate these pivotal partnerships with world renowned clubs, signifying Justerinis return to eminence in the Polo arena.

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Guards Polo Club
British Polo Day
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