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Brora 40-Year-Old: A Timeless Masterpiece

Justerini & Brooks is thrilled to be offering Brora 40-year-old, a timeless masterpiece that celebrates the 200th anniversary of a legendary distillery. Bottled at natural cask strength, this rich golden malt is as sought after as it is rare. Perfectly peated and impeccably balanced, it introduces itself with glorious intensity, and departs in an ethereal smoky finish. It is a true work of art and a rare survivor from one of the most remarkable periods in Brora’s history: 1969-1983.

A multi-dimensional, astonishing and complex malt; a timeless masterpiece…

The Age of Peat offers a glimpse of Brora’s past - a golden age of distilling. A fine, elegant old coastal malt with rich fruit sweetness and compelling smokiness, held in perfect balance with a vigour remarkable for its age.

The years in the run-up to the distillery’s eventual closure produced some of the most masterful whiskies Brora has ever known. This they put down to an experimentation process that saw them develop a specific smoky malt from heavily peated Northern Highland barley. Whilst at the time it was mostly used for blending, the few single casks that remain from this “age of peat” have proved to be of astonishing quality. Today’s 40-year-old, distilled in 1978, reflects this moment of Brora’s past — the apogee of production at this now-revered distillery.

Brora 40-Year-Old 49.2%
Distilled 1978
£4,500 (including UK Duty & Tax)

Clear amber in colour with fine long beading and good viscosity. On the nose there is a slight prickle at first, then sweet, smoky-peat wafts of treacle toffee, smoke with iodine. Rich, sweet fruit. Ripe figs. Raisins. Fire and brimstone. With water, hessian sacking, fine tweed, notes of the warehouse; all lightly harmonious, with elements of land, sea and sky. The body is medium and smooth. On the palate, there is an exquisitely smooth, lightly waxy texture and a powerful, rich, darkly sweet, savoury then finally smoky taste, with great balance, length and persistence. Richly winey and fruity throughout, with dried figs and dates. Spiciness and growing smoky warmth; white pepper. Best straight but also deliciously drinkable with a dash of water, which adds to the sweetness and brings up a minty note; suggesting mint imperials, whilst dialling back the darker character. All this is still underpinned by a smokiness that is also held more in check but still very much present. The finish is long, rich and sweetly warming, with more white pepper, subsiding to leave a lightly smoky aftertaste. With water, much sweeter and more mint-cool, and at the very end lightly drying.

For two hundred years, the timeless artistry at Brora has been protected and passed on by The Keepers of Brora: craftsmen & custodians who have nurtured its spirit through decades of adversity, closure and quiet. The 200th Anniversary bottling marks the release of one of the most acclaimed liquids in the world, with only 1,819 bottles available globally.

The Whisky

Encased in a deep burgundy velvet display case, the bottle is adorned with the Brora emblem of the elusive Scottish Wild Cat–crest of the distillery’s founder, the Duke of Sutherland. This is the first release direct from Brora since the 2017 Special Releases.

Brora, 1978, 40 Year Old, Highland
£4,500 inc Duty and VAT

About Brora

One of Scotland's earliest purpose-built malt whisky distilleries, Brora was founded in 1819 as Clynelish by the Marquess of Stafford, soon Duke of Sutherland. It cost the princely sum of £750 to build. It was first leased to James Harper, then Andrew Ross and George Lawson – all of whom were local men – before being sold in 1896 to Leith blenders, Ainslie & Co. Harper’s weekly described it in 1896 as "a singularly valuable property. The make has always obtained the highest price of any single Scotch whisky". It was rebuilt and had steam power introduced in 1897. The old distillery re-opened in 1969 to produce a heavily peated “Islay style” malt destined principally for blending, under the name Brora. It finally closed again in 1983 and the stills fell silent. As a large framed whisky, perfectly suited to long ageing in cask; only very small stocks now remain. Those that do are rapidly achieving legendary status amongst collectors and aficionados alike…

200<sup>th</sup> Anniversary Celebration

200th Anniversary Celebration

The rarest of survivors and an icon of endurance. Brora 40-Year-Old is a timeless masterpiece celebrating the 200th Anniversary of this legendary distillery.

The Age of Peat

The Age of Peat

Offering a glimpse into the golden age of Brora, the 1978 release marks a moment in time: The Age of Peat. A result of meticulous craftmanship and experimentation, 1978 was to become one of the most acclaimed vintages in the world.

A Timeless Masterpiece

A Timeless Masterpiece

Taken at natural cask strength this precious whisky is a fine, elegant old coastal malt with rich fruit sweetness and compelling smokiness, held in perfect balance with a vigour remarkable for its age.


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