Justerini & Brooks’ Global Resurgence

Justerinis & Brooks is strengthening its presence once again in the world of polo; solidifying the continuing partnership between the royal warrant holding fine wine merchant, and the sport of kings. Justerinis will be supporting a number of clubs and tournaments globally in 2016.

History in Polo

Justerini & Brooks’ current heritage with the sport dates back to the 1980s, when they simultaneously launched their involvement in England, and also in India. In India, Justerini & Brooks launched the ‘J&B Baroda Cup’ in Delhi - an international 12-goal event. The J&B Baroda Cup was the first time that sponsorship had been introduced to the game of polo in India, which up until then had been regarded as a military sport. Justerinis & Brooks’ title endorsement, alongside that of a small group of highly distinguished influencers, brought the sport to increased eminence in Delhi, and polo in India became increasingly synonymous with luxury amongst an international elite.

During the same period back in the UK, Justerini & Brooks sponsored the J&B Pro International polo tournament, with a J&B polo team captained by James Lucas - HRH Prince Harry’s former coach, and which he took to victory in 1992.

History in Polo
History in Polo

The Polo Tour

The Polo Tour

The 2016 polo tour begins with British Polo Day’s UK event this June. As their global wine partner, Justerinis will be supporting every leg of the tour: Initially spanning China, Saint-Tropez & Monte Carlo before moving on to Mexico and India - and to complete the round trip – Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Marrakech.

The highlight of the UK polo season will be the ‘Justerini & Brooks Arthur Lucas Cup’, at the Beaufort Polo Club this August. Over the two week tournament, polo teams will play high-class polo to win this legendary cup title in one of the most spectacular clubs in the UK.

Today, The Arthur Lucas Cup is an extremely special high goal polo tournament for the Tomlinson family, the owners of the Beaufort Polo Club, and whose tournament title bares homage to ‘Arthur Lucas – the Godfather of Polo’. Chadwick Delaney, Managing Director at Justerini & Brooks said,

“Justerini & Brooks is delighted to become involved with the prestigious Arthur Lucas Cup. To have had Arthur Lucas’s grandson captain our J&B polo team nearly twenty five years ago helps loop together a polo partnership we’re very proud to be involved with. ”


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First stop; British Polo Day’s 50th Event, Great Britain

First Stop

Britannia El Remanso kicked off the proceedings against host team Black Bears in a bid for the RJI Capital River Field plate. Despite a phenomenal 60 yard shot from Guy Schwarzenbach of Black Bears, the impressive feat of high-goal polo culminated in an exciting 6-4 win for the all British team, Britannia El Remanso.

As the visiting US team, The London West Hollywood Will Rogers Polo Club, took on the British Schools for a second round of matches on the day. Marchioness of Milford Haven proved that all that matters on the field is skill by scoring the first goal of the match. All eyes were focused on the closing half as Charlie Cadogan played an exceptional game securing the Bentley Cronan Cup for the British Schools with a 6 1/2 - 5 win against the visiting team.

Justerini & Brooks’ Arthur Lucas Cup,
Beaufort Polo Club, Great Britain

First Stop

The finals of the Justerini & Brooks Arthur Lucas Cup (15 goal) brought together some strong teams.

Apes Hill faced Justerini & Brooks on the No 1 ground at Beaufort Polo Club for the finals. Apes Hill quickly took charge after the 1st chukka with a 3-1 lead - Justerini & Brooks fought hard to stay with them, but to no avail. With an amazing team and individual skills Apes Hill kept up momentum despite the hard work coming from Heffron’s Justerini & Brooks team. By the time the bell went at the end of the last chukka, Apes Hill were victorious with a score of 7 goals to 3.

Justerini & Brooks Arthur Lucas Cup Final teams:
Apes Hill: Luke Wiles (0), Olly Tuthill (4), Mark Tomlinson (6) & Nico Antinori (5)
Justerini & Brooks: Patrick Heffron (0), Ollie Cudmore (5), Luke Tomlinson (7) & Jack Hyde (3)

Also on the trail; British Polo Day, China

First Stop

Blue skies welcomed spectators at the Tang Polo Club, the undisputed “gold standard” home of polo.

The first match kicked off between the Tang Polo Club and the Commonwealth teams. The Tang Polo Club quickly gained a 3 1/2 goal lead by half time. The second half was an impressive show of talent as despite Sam Gairdner of the Commonwealth team playing valiantly, the dynamic duo of Lucas Lujan and Miguel Diaz managed to score a goal in just two shots from the backline, securing the Dynasty Plate for the Tang Polo Club.

The final match of the day between the Yaozhi AMC and British Schools teams. Diego Gomez led his team to another early lead against their British opponents, despite Chevy Beh of the British Schools team who tried his best to keep them at bay. The interplay between Rodrigo Bauzada and Diego Gomez was too much for the visitors as the Yaozhi AMC team won the game with a score of 8-4 to win the Tang Polo Cup.

British Polo Day, St Tropez

British Polo Day, St Tropez

An enthralling match was played between The Riviera and the British Schools St Tropez Polo Club teams. Axel Douque of The Riviera played gallantly and in the process of a fall managed to save a goal. By the third chukka it appeared as though the British Schools St Tropez Polo Club team were going to storm ahead with a win, but in the fourth chukka Mariano Rigal rallied and scored a hatrick to tighten the race. In the tense final minutes Justin Gaunt - Polo Manager of St Tropez Polo Club - sealed the deal for his team with a last minute score, securing victory on home turf with a final score of 6 - 5 1/2 to the British Schools St Tropez Polo Club team.

British Polo Day, Singapore

British Polo Day, Singapore

With two matches in Singapore, the first saw Singapore Polo Club I team defend their home side and triumphed over the British Schools team winning 5 goals to 3.

The second match of the day saw the visiting Rest of the World team take on their Singaporean counterpart, the Singapore Polo Club II team. The final score was 6 to 2 1/2 to Singapore Polo Club II with Ali Jumabhoy setting up numerous goals. With top players including Malcolm Borwick and Sattar Khan.

British Polo Day, Mexico

British Polo Day, Mexico

The afternoon’s Polo saw the British Exiles team battle it out on the field against the Mexico team in an attempt to break the Mexican’s winning streak. Will Emerson fought hard for the British Exiles team however some skilful play between teammates, Victor Setien and Diego Aguilar, resulted In the Mexican team keeping hold of their winning title and collecting the plate at prize giving presented By Alvaro Mainero. After half time, the Inspirato Balvanera team took on the British Schools in a bid for the Cup. It was a tight match ending in a draw and leading the teams onto penalties which gave the Inspirato Balvanera team the opportunity to close the match on a win and secure the cup presented by Marco del Prete.

British Polo Day, United Arab Emirates

British Polo Day, United Arab Emirates

At 3.15 pm, Stuart Wrigley captained the Oxbridge team, against the Gulf team. Gulf beat Oxbridge with 8 ½ goals to 6.

The highlight exhibition polo match of the day – The British Polo Day Plate – saw the home team Habtoor Polo team play the visiting British Exiles. The Habtoor Team rode to victory with 7 goals over Royal Salute British Exiles’ 4 1/2.

Justerinis is also the exclusive wine supplier to Cirencester Park Polo Club and Guards Polo Club; historic clubs that mark the highest level of polo played in the UK. Justerinis are extremely proud to celebrate these pivotal partnerships with world renowned clubs, signifying Justerinis return to eminence in the Polo arena.

  • Cirencester Polo Club
  • Guards Polo Club
  • British Polo Day
  • Beaufort Polo Club

To keep up to date with all of the thrilling action from the global events, the 2016 tour can be followed right here, where there will be access to photos, extra content and updates from each leg of the tour.