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Collecting Fine Wine & Rare Whisky

Collecting Fine Wine & Rare Whisky

It’s hard to dispute that wine and whisky have been exceptional investments over the last two decades.

As a business we do not look to service people who view the purchase of wine or whisky purely from an investment perspective. For over 270 years we have specifically focused on building and curating cellars for collectors who have an inherent interest in the bottles they buy and the liquids within them. To help correctly manage those cellars we have a broking team within Justerini & Brooks. We store circa £300 million of customers’ reserves in our warehouse. Active collectors often buy too much and periodically will need to thin their stocks. While others who purchased with the intention of drinking may be shocked to discover that their portfolio has appreciated to considerable sums - too considerable for them to warrant drinking. Those cases too find their way back to the market via our broking list. Our customer base is spread over 49 different countries around the world, and we have many customers who prefer to pay the premium for already matured, perfectly stored wines with provenance. Equally, we maintain a strong base of customers who prefer the pleasure of choosing from en primeur releases and laying their cellars down, or replenishing cellars that they themselves have inherited from the previous generation.

For more than a quarter of a century, our broking team has offered impartial advice and expertise. We try to make parting with your prized possessions as efficient and painless as possible. Our broking list is a rich and constantly evolving catalogue of the world’s finest wines, all with impeccable provenance.

Tom Jenkins, Head of Broking, Justerini & Brooks

If you find yourself in any of these positions we offer two straightforward ways of selling your wine.

The first is to list your wines or rare whiskies for sale through our online broking market. Any wines or whiskies that have a secondary value will be displayed in the 'tradeable' section in your Personal Cellar. The Justerinis broking team are constantly monitoring and updating values so there will be a Justerinis guide price to help you. You simply need to select what you would like to sell, enter your sell price and request that these are added to the Justerinis broking pool.

Once they have been checked and approved by Cellarers, our broking team will list them for sale. We reserve the right to reject any request if the value is out of line with the rest of the market. If this is the case one of our broking team will contact you to discuss your listings.

The second option is to contact our broking team on +44 (0)20 7484 6430 or and we will take you through the process.

Our broking department offers cask owners an efficient and cost-effective solution to sell surplus bottles. Buyers are guaranteed the best possible provenance and access to an unparalleled list of Cask of Distinction malts.

Tod Bradbury, Head of Rare & Collectable Whiskies, Justerini & Brooks

Contact our Broking team directly

You can also contact our broking team on +44 (0)20 7484 6430 or via email on and we will take you through the process and advise on bespoke requirements.

  +44 (0)20 7484 6430
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