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Why can't I select duty paid for En Primeur wines?

En Primeur wines by their very nature are still in barrel. They are similar to buying a future and therefore it is not possible to pay British tax on something which has not yet been delivered to the UK. Once they are delivered to the UK, a client can have the stock removed from bond and the prevailing rate of duty and VAT will be charged at that stage.

What is En Primeur?

En Primeur, or "Wine Futures" is the purchase of wines before they are bottled and shipped to the UK. En Primeur wines, which can only be purchased Under Bond, offer you the first opportunity to purchase a given wine. We offer wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, The Loire, The Rhone, Germany, and Spain En Primeur.

Why buy En Primeur?

One possible advantage of purchasing wines en primeur is that the wines may be considerably cheaper during the en primeur period than they will be once bottled. This of course is not guaranteed and some wines may lose value over time. In addition, many of the wines we offer En Primeur are made in exceptionally small quantities and will sell out totally while offered En Primeur. Customers who follow a particular wine might find buying En Primeur is the only way to secure stock year in year out. It can also allow you the opportunity to buy wine in a range of larger formats than the normal 75cl bottle, perfect for parties and special occasions.