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Provenance in Fine Wine

[ prov-uh-nuh ns, -nahns ]
noun: the place of origin or earliest known history of something.
synonyms: origin, source, place of origin.

When it comes to purchasing wine, provenance is of upmost importance. A wine’s history, where it’s sourced from and how it’s been stored, can have an enormous influence on the eventual enjoyment it gives. At Justerini & Brooks we can trace nearly every case back to the domaine, estate or Chateau it originally came from - we ship from over 200 wine producers throughout the world. Wines not bought directly from the vineyard are either sourced from trusted suppliers with whom we share the same philosophy and rigour in buying or from our own network of Cellarers customers. These customers’ wines are stored in prime conditions in Octavian Corsham and, in the vast majority of cases, have been stored by us since the wine was first shipped.

We feel it is equally important to our customers that the case they buy and is put into storage for them is exactly the same as the case they take out and have delivered. This may sound simple yet we believe we are unique in our measures to ensure this.

The idea is not complicated; create a system where every case is independent; thereby ensuring a trail of ownership; and peace of mind for every customer.

						The Journey

The Journey

Justerinis is the first merchant to ensure every case of wine stored in Cellarers Ltd has a unique identifier and customer’s name, which no other Merchant does. These details are printed and placed on every case which is logged and recorded under your account name and kept in the world’s most renowned storage facility, Octavian in Corsham.

This information is sent from our systems to the warehouse every day to ensure the trail of ownership is verified and upheld.

While customer reserves are stored in Corsham, our physical stocks are kept in Hoddesdon, a geographical separation between Cellarers Ltd and Justerinis.

						The Facts

The Facts

Cellarers Ltd is a legally separate limited company from Justerini & Brooks which currently holds £200 million worth of customer reserves.

It is fully insured to catastrophic loss.

We do not ship over the summer months to avoid harsh shipment conditions and we do not purchase wine from auctions.

Every five years Buckingham Palace reviews their Royal warrants and it is the quality of service they evaluate. Providing the right wines, in the right conditions, at the right time is a service our clients have come to expect from us. And as a result we are proud to be delivering this service to eight consecutive monarchs over 270 years.

Cellarers Wines Limited is audited by KPMG every year.

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