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Justerini & Brooks holds five key En Primeur campaigns throughout the year

En Primeur or "Wine Futures" is liquid still in barrel and therefore it is the sale of Under Bond wines before they are bottled and shipped to the UK. By its very nature, these offer the first opportunity to purchase a given wine, some of which are produced in exceptionally small quantities and therefore may sell out totally when offered En Primeur. Justerini & Brooks holds five key En Primeur campaigns throughout the year including Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone, Germany and Italy.

En PrimeurBordeaux

It is a tale of two river banks. Although only separated by some thirty miles; the Medoc and the Right Bank are very different stylistically, historically and culturally. The left bank is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, largely due to the fast draining gravel soils found close to the Garonne estuary. St Emilion and Pomerol are predominantly planted with Merlot and a small smattering of Cabernet Franc. By contrast, the Right Bank has a much more varied topography, and the architecture and scale of winemaking are rather more modest. There is certainly a more ‘Burgundian’ approach here, contrasted with the more corporate and high tech ideology of the Medoc.

En PrimeurBurgundy

Burgundy can be viewed in two very separate ways. On the one hand it can be highly complex and sometimes inconsistent, with swings of style from vintage to vintage, not to mention the complex labyrinth of vineyards and producers to choose from. On the other it can be seen as fascinating in its complexity, rewarding in its thrilling quality and, if chosen correctly, have a consistency of quality across vintages whilst retaining each year its own style and identity. It's legacy is built on Pinots that will stand the test of time, and expressions of Chardonnay that are unlike any other, but what Burgundy is known for historically, is not nearly exciting as what the region will no doubt turn into in time.

En PrimeurGermany

Since the 1997 vintage we have seen a complete revival of Germany’s fortunes as a producer of world-class wine. Led by the aristocratic Riesling variety and a growing band of first class producers, the country finally seems to be enjoying the recognition it truly deserves. It is a fact that, British journalists, sommeliers and trade buyers are some of Riesling’s most loyal and persistent customers, clamouring for wine from the likes of JJ Prum, Fritz Haag, Donnhoff, Keller and Carl von Schubert. An honorable mention must be made for the reds that are now coming out of Deutschland too - the Spatburgunders from producers like Bernhard Huber and August Kesseler continue to go from strength to strength and are ultimatley some of the most rewarding versions of Pinot Noir to be found outside of Burgundy.

En PrimeurItaly

While Italy's reputation as a wine-growing region is undoubtedly built on history and the legacy attached to names like Barolo, Chianti and Brunello, there are also amazing things happening across the rest of the country. A quick look at Tenuta Delle Terre Nere on the north face of Mount Etna and at Rocca del Principe, who are making outstanding Fiano from the prime Arianiello Hill in Lapio, Campania - for example - and it is clear the quality and diversity of Italian wines has never been better. In fact, it's improving year after year. New artisan producers keep popping up onto our radar, passionate growers who make utterly compelling wine from indigenous varieties in far flung corners of the country. These are exciting times indeed.

En PrimeurRhône

France’s wine growing “Rhône Valley” in reality covers two very distinct wine growing regions, separated by a vine-free gap of approximately 30 miles. Up and down the quality scale the Rhône stands out today for offering serious wines made by small quality conscious growers at very reasonable prices. A stellar run of recent vintages (barring the obvious 2002) and a wider pool of quality wine making talent than ever before has see the Rhône in recent years very much regaining its position front of mind for many of the world’s great wine collectors. Whether your interest lies with the reds of the "Roasted Slopes" of Côte Rôtie or with the zippy, zingy Viogniers found in Condrieu, or indeed the world-reknowned Rosés, Rhône is a region where the wines keep on giving.

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