Bordeaux 2016 En Primeur

Bordeaux 2016 – Back to the future

Tasting back to back vintages like 2015 and 2016 is fascinating. These are both exceptional years, although polar opposite in style. It is perhaps hard to be as loquacious about the 2016s as we were about the sumptuous 2015s. This is in no way a barometer for the vintage – 2016 is certainly as good as 2015, probably better, but the wines are generally less expressive and generous at this early stage. The 2015s were a sheer joy to taste - 2016s are more cerebral, introverted, structured, serious and profound. In most cases, and particularly on the Left Bank, there is a reserve and classicism that makes one think of ancient vintages with huge tannic profiles and long-term aging potential. Certainly, the best Chateaux have flexed their technical know-how and have produced wines with stunning purity of fruit and precision, but there’s no getting away from the fact that 2016s are real vins de garde.

The extraordinary growing season and Mother Nature have combined to produce something remarkable. There are many contributing factors to the success. After the early season deluge the drought and heat of July and August were welcomed by all. Old vines and soils with some clay component were best placed to benefit from the conditions…

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We collected the inner thoughts from the Bordelais to describe this 2016 vintage. See what else they had to say »

“‘16 is able to see ‘15 in the eye.”

Baptise Guinedeau, Château Lafleur

“We didn’t believe it when we tasted it! ‘16 is the same level as ‘15, probably better.”

Guillaume Thienpont, Vieux Château Certan

“‘16 is an amazing vintage, charming and complex. We had amazing weather resulting in great, great things.”

Emeline Borie, Château Puy Lacoste

“Right bank, we were very anxious at the beginning, because we had very bad weather until the beginning of June. Luckily in around 14th/15th September, the rain came and saved the day. The result; the vegetation picked up again and we picked very nice grapes. We didn’t expect the result we have now in our barrels, so I think ’16, sorry to say, but I think we are again another great vintage!”

Jacques Thienpont from Le Pin and L’If

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UGC Week:

Our custom is to start on the Right Bank and ‘avoid the crowds’. Monday morning started with an early appointment with Denis Durantou at L’Eglise Clinet. Saintayme, Le Chenade, Cruzelles and Montlandrie were all spectacular, possibly the best range we’ve seen from Denis, boasting wonderful purity, lots of intensity and great balance. Read more.

The Buyers’ Blog:

A Le Pin dinner with Jacques Thienpont: Our private dining room in St. James’s, the host of many truly wonderful evenings over the years, had the pleasure of welcoming Jacques Thienpont over from Bordeaux for the very first time. Jacques flew in to meet some of our customers who have been buying Le Pin. It was quite the gathering. All deep admirers of this iconic Bordeaux estate. Read more.

The Buyers’ Blog:

Bordeaux 2014 – Glittering on the red carpet: Coining a vintage ‘classic’ or ‘one that will appeal to British palates’ can be laced with euphemism. But with the 2014s, never has it been so true. We loved the style of these wines when we tasted from barrel and now that they are in bottle, they are looking more ravishing than ever. Read more.