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Bordeaux at Justerini & Brooks

Je pense que…: what are their thoughts on this vintage

During a recent trip to Bordeaux to taste the new vintage, the Justerini & Brooks team got to peek inside the inner thoughts of winemakers, technical directors and chateau owners alike. And there is some interesting brain activity for the 2016 vintage. Browse through their thought bubbles and learn more, click on the images below for Bordeaux 2016, thoughts from the Bordelais.

UGC Week: Bordeaux 2016 – Day one, The Right Stuff

Our custom is to start on the Right Bank and ‘avoid the crowds’. Monday morning started with an early appointment with Denis Durantou at L’Eglise Clinet. Saintayme, Le Chenade, Cruzelles and Montlandrie were all spectacular, possibly the best range we’ve seen from Denis, boasting wonderful purity, lots of intensity and great balance. Read more.

UGC Week: Bordeaux 2016 – Day two, Moving on

We wrapped up the Right Bank with a few morning visits. Our tasting at Chateau Teyssier was perhaps a little disappointing. The Teyssier itself is good and honest and there’s plenty to admire.

The flagship Le Dome seems to have taken a backward step. Recent vintages have lent more towards elegance and a less-extracted style. It seemed like the 2016 was a super-charged, massive Le Dome, although probably made with greater precision than wines of the past. Read more.

The Buyers’ Blog – Bordeaux 2014 - Glittering on the red carpet…

Coining a vintage ‘classic’ or ‘one that will appeal to British palates’ can be laced with euphemism. But with the 2014s, it never has it been so true. We loved the style of these wines when we tasted from barrel and now that they are in bottle, they are looking more ravishing than ever.

Tasting a star-studded line-up of 2014s at BAFTA on Tuesday evening, more than confirmed that these wines press all the right buttons. Read more.

The Buyers’ Blog – A Château Lafleur dinner at St. James's

What an extraordinary week! Just two days after we welcomed Jacques Thienpont, who’d kindly flown over to dine with our Le Pin customers in Justerini & Brooks’ private dining room, we welcomed back our close friends Baptiste and Julie Guinaudeau of Château Lafleur to do the same.

It is always such a delight to have them over for these dinners in St. James’s. Our customers love their illuminating and engaging insights on the fascinating wines of Lafleur. Read more.

The Buyers’ Blog - A Le Pin dinner with Jacques Thienpont

Last night was a rare privilege. Our private dining room in St. James’s, the host of many truly wonderful evenings over the years, had the pleasure of welcoming Jacques Thienpont over from Bordeaux for the very first time.

Jacques flew in to meet some of our customers who have been buying Le Pin. It was quite the gathering. All deep admirers of this iconic Bordeaux estate. We started the evening with a small glass of L’If ’14. Jacques’ little St Emilion baby as he called it. It showed a lovely balance with pure, silky fruits and was a first experience of L’If for many of those attending. Read more.

The Buyers’ Blog - Bordeaux 2016: Northern Lights

Journalists like to pigeonhole vintages. It supposedly makes life easy for consumers. Condense the wines of Bordeaux down into a brief soundbite, a paragraph that tells you all you need to know about this wonderful region.

In 2015 it was a ‘Right Bank, Pessac and Margaux’ year. Read into this what you will – but what is not said often resonates the loudest. Most interpreted this as ‘don’t go near the northern Medoc’. The truth is rarely so simple… Read more.

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