Burgundy 2016 En Primeur

Burgundy 2016 En Primeur - Get Your Skates On

A year of unprecedented low yields and great quality, this is a vintage well worth snapping up quickly.

The talking point of 2016 Burgundy has been the infamously icy night of April the 26th and the 27th morning. Understandable, as Jack Frost bit viciously and on a scale that has not been seen in Burgundy since at least 1981. However this is a huge injustice to the wines themselves, which, in the end, are what it is all about. It has been a fascinating vintage to taste. A watchful eye in vineyard and cellar was clearly needed, though for reds this has turned out to be a wonderfully ‘Burgundian’ vintage – and I mean that in the very best sense of the word. The wines are aromatic, fresh and transparent; Fruity yet savoury, elegant yet not lacking in substance. Their finesse and fruitiness will make them approachable before the 2015s but they also offer an intensity and balance that should see them make old bones. The whites are charming, open, fragrant and fresh, not for the long-haul perhaps, but they will offer great pleasure in their youth. We should rejoice in the wines and forget about Mr Frost, but if that very English inclination to talk about the weather proves too tempting herewith a summary of how it all unfolded.

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