Angerville 2013 - following events

Marquis d'Angerville 2013

Unexpectedly taking the reins during the heatwave of 2003 must have been a daunting task. However, Guillaume d'Angerville rose to the challenge, and has since truly established his Domaine as one of the very greatest in the Côte d'Or.

D’Angerville has consistently produced great wines of such purity of fruit over more than a decade of vintages, many of which have had more than their fair share of challenges. This has not been achieved by any wizadry in the cellars - very little has changed in the winemaking which is gentle, minimal intervention and never allows for more than 20% new oak during elevage, rather it is hard work and precision in the vineyard. After taking over Guillaume soon brought Francois Duvivier on board to help manage the estate and together they began converting the vineyards to Biodynamics in 2006. As of 2009 the entire domaine was fully biodynamic.

Since starting his tenure, Guillaume has had to cope with some difficult and unusual conditions. The four earliest vintages in the estate’s history have happened whilst he has been at the Domaine and then in 2013 came one of the latest. Harvest started on the fifth October. Hail once again reared its head at the end of the July and caused severe damage from Savigny down to the north side of Meursault. Marquis d’Angerville’s vineyards were damaged less than in 2012, perhaps only a small blessing to count but a blessing nonetheless. Yields were a tiny 15 hl/ha compared to an even tinier nine hl/ha in 2012. As difficult as the conditions were it is typical of how consistent and brilliant this domaine has become that the 2013s have turned out so well.

A beautiful range of poised, refined Volnays that offer clear terroir characteristics.