Eau-de-Vie de Marc de Bourgogne

Eau-de-Vie de Marc de Bourgogne (also simply known as Marc de Bourgogne) is one of 30 appellations for French Eaux-de-Vie.

Marc is grape pomace: the residual skins and seeds left behind after pressing. In order to create Eau-de-Vie de Marc de Bourgogne, these dry leftovers are fermented. All grapes permitted Burgundian grape varietals are allowed to be included in Eau-de-Vie de Marc de Bourgogne.

Due to only dry skins and pips being used to make Marc de Bourgogne, the resulting spirit has less of a fruity character than wines found here and as such is much more focused on mouthfeel than on flavour. Italian grappa is made in much the same way.

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