Cheval des Andes, Mendoza, 2016

  Cheval des Andes

Cheval des Andes, Mendoza

Contains Sulphites.

Appellation: Mendoza

In the far west of Argentina lies the wine growing region of Mendoza. The largest and most important wine growing region in the country, who's skyline is dominated in the west by the imposing peaks of the Andes, and whose vineyards sit, on average, between 600 and 1100m above sea level. Climatically ideally suited to wine growing with clearly defined seasons, healthy levels of rainfall and little threat to the vines. Malbec is perhaps the regions most impressive success, but quality conscious growers are now experimenting with a host of other varietals.

Grape Blend: Malbec | Cab. Sauvignon | Petit Verdot

A blend of Bordeaux varieties utilised to great effect in the Americas - both North and South.