Armagnac, 1982

  Domaine de Lacaze


Contains Sulphites.

About Domaine de Lacaze

Armagnac is a distinctive kind of brandy produced in the Armagnac region in Gascony, southwest France. It is distilled from wine usually made from a blend of grapes including Baco 22A, Colombard, Folle Blanche and Ugni Blanc, traditionally using column stills rather than the pot stills used in the production of cognac.

Appellation: Armagnac

Armagnac is a unique style of French brandy created in the region of the same name. It is a grape based spirit with a 700 year old history, an artisanal product, crafted in small quantities, distilled in pure copper stills, and aged in oak barrels from the local Gascogny forests.