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Margaret River

Grape Variety:


Malbec, 2018

6x75cl £1,080.00

5 cases Equiv. £180.00 per bottle

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Tasting Note:

"Inky purple colour, love the nose on this. Velvety texture that trips along the tongue but has grooves that stop it being too smooth, slowing down the travel through the palate. Plenty of black chocolate, roasted cloves, all-spice, bright blueberry and black pepper. No need to wait too long for this - you could give it another few years but you don’t want to miss this juicy mouth-watering freshness. 3.83ph. Bottle 98 of 1200. Delightful and extremely moreish. There is an energy in this that elevates it above your average Malbec, and makes me think of Jesse Katz’s Devil Proof from Sonoma, another exceptional of this grape outside of its traditional regions of Argentina or Cahors". 95/100. Jane Anson

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