Fleurie, 2015

  Château De Raousset


Contains Sulphites.

About Château De Raousset

This is a prestigious Beaujolais Château that is fortunate enough to have some prime, well-exposed granite based vineyards in three Crus: Fleurie, Morgon, and Chiroubles. The traditional Beaujolais fermentation method is employed which, in addition to vinification of whole uncrushed bunches of grapes, also allows the wine some skin contact helping extraction of colour, tannin and flavour. This process is carried out in cement cuvees followed by maturation in large old oak foudres. These practices, together with the Château’s remarkably old vines, result in full-flavoured structured but fine wine that, thanks to a not too heavy-handed approach to winemaking, allow the individual characteristics of the different crus to prevail.

Appellation: Fleurie

Fleurie produces Beaujolais, of all the ten Crus, that is perhaps the most perfumed and floral.

Grape Type: Gamay

Gamay is found in the Beaujolais where, on granite slopes, it makes wine that cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world. Thanks to poor winemaking over the last decade and the Beaujolais Nouveau stigma, Gamay has experienced a dip in popularity of late. Unjustly so, for it can produce wines brimming with juicy fruit, and is perfect slightly chilled and drunk alfresco. Gamay is also found in the Loire and in Burgundy, forming a partnership with Pinot Noir to make Bourgogne Passetoutgrains