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The Gelas family can trace its roots back to 1246 but it really wasn’t until the middle of the 19th Century that the family name was tied to Gascony’s Armagnac trade when Baptiste Gelas established Maison Gelas and moved into the premises in Vic Fezensac, still occupied by the firm today. Over the intervening years the Gelas family has patiently produced its own house Armagnacs from estate grown grapes, as well as buying up production from small Domaines to be aged and bottled at the Gelas cellars. Over the years they have proved an excellent nose for top producers.

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Four generations later, Philippe Gelas continues to maintain the business making and selling some of Bas-Armagnac and La Tanareze’s finest bottles. Philippe’s father Pierre took the revolutionary step to offer single Domaine Armagnacs at their natural alcoholic strength, without having been watered down to the classic 40% that Armagnac is traditionally offered at. Many of these rare ‘cask strength’ Armagnacs stretch back as far as 1962. For the first 50 years of their lives the distilled sprit lives in old oak barrels, after which they are transferred to demi-john until the time comes to be bottled.

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