Martelet de Cherisey

Producing its first commercial vintage in 2000, this Domaine is one of the new stars of Burgundy, situated in the Hameau of Blagny between the Puligny and Meursault appellations, but much higher up on the hill tucked underneath the woods. Blagny’s vineyards are well exposed to the sun while benefiting from a cooler micro-climate than its neighbours which lends a wonderful raciness an minerality to its wines. Hélène Martelet, grandaughter of the late Comtesse Montlivault, started bottling her own wines from the 1999 vintage after years of selling the bulk of her crop to Maison Louis Latour. Through low yields and 50% new oak barrel fermentation Hélène makes wine that is intense, mineral and voluptuous, the Hameau being high-toned, the Chaulmeaux more buttery in style, while the Meursault is big, nutty and racy.
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1 wine
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£580.00 - £580.00
Martelet de Cherisey