Cardinale, 2013

  Peter Jackson Family Wines

£440.00 for 1x150cl
7 cs
£880.00 for 1x300cl
3 cs
£1900.00 for 1x6L
1 cs
£1320.00 for 6x75cl
10 cs

Contains Sulphites.

About Peter Jackson Family Wines

Jackson Family Wines family–owned vineyards and wineries are both a family business and a family passion. They believe the care that goes into making their wines is as important as the quality of the wine itself. Jackson Family Wines say their multi-generational approach to wine-growing allows them to craft wines according to their values, and to make responsible decisions for the health of our lands and communities. They make wines in both North and South America, France, Italy, South Africa & Australia.

Appellation: Napa Valley

Arguably Americas most important wine growing region, home to the likes of Dominus, Heitz, Cain Cellars and Opus One. Bordeaux varietals are key in this 40 mile long North-South valley that stretches from the San Fransico Bay up towards Calistoga and the sheer variety of different climats and vineyard sites is as bewildering as the sheer variety of styles of wine produced. At their best these can be some of the most opulent examples of Cabernet Sauvignon in the world - truly great wines with dinstinctly long cellaring potentials, but more youthful approachability than their european counterparts.

Grape Blend: Cab. Sauvignon | Merlot

A classic partnership. The stock left bank Bordeaux blend also used to good affect in the New World. Cabernet's, acidic, tannic complex qualities marry ideally with Merlot's sweet, softy flesh characteristics.