Didier Dagueneau

Didier Dagueneau 2011s - The legacy continues ..

When Didier Dagueneau died in 2008 he left his estate in the hands of his two children, Benjamin and Charlotte. Faced with the seemingly impossible task of stepping into the shoes of one of the wine world's greatest winemakers, the two young Dagueneaus have picked up the mantle with aplomb, producing a run of vintages that their late father would have been justly proud of.

Asked how they've managed this, Charlotte was sanguine 'we inherited an estate with twenty years of experimentation behind it. Our father had shown us how to do things best.'

2011 was a complicated vintage. An early flowering, summer like spring and spring like summer meant vineyard work was vital. Yields at less attentive estates crept up. The Dagueneaus had to work hard in the vineyards to ensure each performed as it should. But then of course, that was second nature. The Dagueneau strength lies in getting the very best out of each of their vineyards; allowing the pure clear voice of place to be heard whatever the vintage.

Their wines in 2011 are unsurprisingly superb. They possess an inner energy and intensity that is probably unmatched in all the Loire. Each vineyard is starkly defined and individual. It's tempting to suggest these will be mid-term Dagueneau wines, approachable in two to three years, lasting at least ten, given the vintage. But of course, they'll probably last much longer than that.

What's plain is that they're another marvellous set of wines and more than worthy of the Dagueneau stamp of approval.