Duemani: New Releases from the Tuscan coast

We have always prided ourselves on finding new wine-growing talent and spotting the next big things. Duemani is a project on the Tuscan coast, just next door to the Bolgheri DOC where hillside vineyards are at their highest. In a staggeringly short amount of time Duemani has built up an excellent reputation, particularly over the last two years. We think there is still greater room for this to grow, as the vines get older and more people taste the wines. Their new vintage, 2010, is a fine example of what they can achieve. It was a rainier, cooler season than 2009 that has resulted in their finest wines yet. They are simply brilliant, exhibiting the intensity of the 2009s with an enhanced freshness and elegance.

For those not yet familiar with the project, it is owned and run by Luca d'Attoma and his wife Elena Celli. Luca is a highly respected Tuscan wine consultant; his employers have included Azienda Agricola Le Macchiole in Bolgheri and Tua Rita. They are the Duemani 'two hands' that run the estate. They first identified a wonderful site in the north Bolgheri hills in the mid 90s. They purchased seven hectares of land and set about preparing the soils for Biodynamic viticulture. This took seven years. The first vines were planted in 2001 and already, by the 2008 vintage, they had started to make some outstanding wines. The structure of the soil here is remarkable for its predominance of clay and stone – the resulting low soil fertility leading to greater character and complexity in the vine’s fruit. After an examination of the property and its unique position in the contour of a west-facing amphitheatre there emerged the sites of three distinct vineyards. The vineyard at the highest altitude and with the richest soil is the site of their south-facing Cabernet Franc vines. Another lower vineyard continues with the same varietal and then evolves into rows of Merlot vines. The third and smallest ... vineyard, notably stony and arid, is the 'heart' of the estate and is planted to 7000 vines of alberello-trained Syrah, facing north. From the very beginning Duemani has followed the principles of biodynamic farming and is committed to sustainable agriculture.