Some of the finest Rheinhessen vineyards overlook the Rhine between Oppenheimer and Nackenheimer, steep, well-exposed red slate-based vineyards provided the perfect home for Riesling. The owner and winemaker of the Gunderloch Estate is Fritz Hasselbach who, armed with vines in the superb Rothenburg vineyard and through dedication and a passion for wine, has elevated quality to an outstanding level. Green harvests are undertaken during the summer, grapes are hand-picked and unsuitable grapes are discarded. Such hard work and attention to detail allow the true character of the Riesling and the Rothenburg vineyard to come through resulting in wines a touch softer and more luxurious than those of the Rheingau, yet with a decent seam of acidity and a grainy mineral complexity.
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£665.00 - £665.00