Rudesheimer Bischofsberg, Riesling, TBA, 2005

  Josef Leitz

Rudesheimer Bischofsberg, Riesling, TBA

With its massive 200 degrees Oeschle and 12 g/l of acidity this is not lacking in depth or vitality. Amazingly vivid and vital this is packed with bright but rich fruit flavours of nectarine,mango and pineapple, with notes of wild honey salts and minerals.

Contains Sulphites.

About Josef Leitz

The Leitz estate, run by the dynamic Johannes Leitz, produce some of the very best examples of Rheingau wine. Johannes took the helm after studying at Eltville College and gaining experience at Eser’s Johannishof estate, and is now widely recognised as one of the region’s flag-bearers. These are pure, powerful, terroir-rich wines from the high, sun-blanched vineyards of Rudesheim.

Appellation: Rheingau

7,700 acres along the northern side of the Rhine between Wiesbaden and Rüdesheim where the Riesling produces classic and substantial wines.