Oestricher Lenchen, Spätlese 303, 2014


The 303 Spatlese represents a selection of the finest grapes from the Eisenberg vineyard, free from botrytis but entirely composed of golden yellow grapes with a high skin to fruit ratio. Wonderfully bright clear fruit in high magnification, a thoroughly juicy cuvee that that has more than 9 grams of acidity and as a result avoids being cloying in the least. Clear and salty and parading a medley of pear and sweet citrus notes. Lovely indeed.

Contains Sulphites.

About Spreitzer

A magnificent 17 ha estate at Oestrich in the widest part of the Rhine, where sun reflection and humidity are so important. The Spreitzer brothers are a young team that in the last few years has elevated this into one of the Rheingau's great estates. Depending on the wine and the vintage a mixture of wood or steel is used and wild or cultured yeast. Usually the dry wines are fermented in oak and the fruity wines in steel. The main vineyard holdings are the loam and loess soils of the Lenchen and the quartz based Doosberg. The Spreitzer brothers are very active in the vineyard, reducing yield by pruning and green harvesting, and deleafing where necessary to aerate the vines. Hand picking is vitally important here as they do lots of whole cluster pressing. In the cellar there is no pumping of the wines, its all done by gravity. There is usually no fining but a light filtration. Spreitzer make wines that betray full, rich Rheingau characteristics with an almost Mosel precision and energy. A star Estate by any standards.

Appellation: Rheingau

7,700 acres along the northern side of the Rhine between Wiesbaden and Rüdesheim where the Riesling produces classic and substantial wines.