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The Cappellano name has been associated with winemaking in Barolo since the 1870s, however the real history of the estate, as far as modern-day Barolo is concerned, began in the 1970s with the late Teobaldo Cappellano. Striking a deal with Otin Fiorin, the former owner, and whose name now appears on every Cappellano bottle in tribute, ‘Baldo’s’ first purchase was two parcels of vines in Serralunga’s Gabbuti vineyard.

In the early 1990s earthquake damage forced ‘Baldo’ to replant a small plot and, riskily, he opted for the low-yielding Michet clone on original European rootstocks - perhaps the first and only Barolo grower to do so post-phylloxera. The resultant wine became Pie Franco and the established, undamaged vines on American rootstocks (now 70 years old) were hence designated Pie Rupestris.

Winemaking at Cappellano is proudly traditional. Extractions are gentle and maturation is carried out in large casks for four years with minimal racking before bottling without filtration. Their Barolo Chinato is made to an historic family recipe – in this case, a 2010 Barolo base wine, fortified with 96% Grain spirit, steeped in 20 different herbs for a month before pressing and the addition of sugar. It’s a real fireside drink, all winter spices and comfort.

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