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Colour: Red
Producer: Davide Carlone
Region: Italy
Appellation: Piedmont
Grape Variety: Blended Wine

Croatina, 2016

10 cases, 1 bottle
£10.00 per bottle

Tasting Note:

Croatina is fresh, full of character and inviting. Solid, crisp, vivid dark and red fruit notes infused wth fresh herbs and spices, finishing on ripe brambles. Bursting with fruit and life. From the hills of Boca, a wonderful 80-100 year old vineyard with a 450 metre altitude. Aged only in steel, sur lie, for 18 months. Only 8000 bottles are made.

Discover Italy

The general quality of Italian wine has never been better and, certainly in Piedmont, there has been a succession of great vintages, broken only by the minor blip that was the tumultuous 2002 vintage.

In the UK we seem to be gaining an increasingly insatiable thirst for modern Italian wines. ...