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Orvieto Classico

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The Dubini family bought Il Palazzone Estate back in 1970 and have since been investing heavily in it to produce supreme Orvieto Classico. Unique amongst white Italian wines for its complex blend of fi ve different varietals, it is not a straightforward wine to make due to the different ripening times of each variety. The Dubinis, however, seem to pull it off with consummate ease! The Dubini Bianco is fundamentaly de-classified Orvieto that is tasted before bottling and deemed to be for youthful consumption. The two top cuvées here are the Terre Vineate and Campo del Guardiano. The vineyards are ploughed to allow every drop of water to penetrate deep into the moist clay soils, a green harvest is carried out, grapes are picked by hand and vinification takes place in the modern winery without any use of wood. These are silky, suave Italian whites that betray an envigorating freshness in their youth but develop great complexity with age.

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