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Colour: Red
Producer: Piero Busso
Region: Italy
Appellation: Barbaresco
Grape Variety: Nebbiolo

Barbaresco, Gallina, 2014

10 cases
Equiv. £130.00 per bottle
10 cases
Equiv. £59.17 per bottle

Tasting Note:

One of the great vineyards of Barbaresco. An emblematic example of the region’s wines. Generous, suave and pleasurable. This 2014 is surprisingly concentrated and compact though, there is far more to this than we would have expected from this challenging vintage. Ripe velvety dark berry fruit, notes of loganberry and cherry with underlying earthiness. Closed and complex but texturally beautiful, so smooth and well-proportioned. A clay-dominated, south-west exposed vineyard that faces the river so it has a very windy micro climate despite it not being particularly high, 240 metres altitude. Ageing is the same as for the other crus, 2 years in salvonian oak casks, but is kept an extra year in bottle before release.

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