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Colour: White
Producer: Podere il Palazzino
Region: Italy
Appellation: Chianti Classico
Grape Variety: Malvasia

Vin Santo del Chianti Classico, 2000

1 case
Equiv. £30.00 per bottle

Tasting Note:

The Sderci’s of Palazzino make absolutely superlative Vin Santo. The family pick the grapes (predominantly Malvasia di Toscana with some Trebbiano Toscano) whilst they are still healthy and fresh to ensure the resultant wine has plenty of acidity and clean fruit flavours. They are then hung on hooks berry by berry, naturally dried by air. Once they have reached 32 potential alcohol degrees, they then undergo a series of natural stop/start fermentations in sealed chestnut and oak barrels. The wine retains circa 100g/l of residual sugar and 15% alcohol. The key here is the fruit; clean, clear, ripe, there is none of the heavy cloying or overly oxidative notes the lesser examples betray, this exhibits notes of acacia, honeysuckle, demerara, peach blossom, citrus zest, apricot, guava and fruit nectar, beautifully elegant, precise and fresh.

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