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The Vivianis are an artisanal wine making couple who are passionate about the wines from their region and partial to the odd fine Burgundy too. From their vineyards in the Mazzano zone of the historical Valpolicella Classico with stunning vistas over the town of Negrarand its valley, they are making some of the most honest, pure and engaging Valpolicella there is. The vines are situated at around 450 metres above sea level, which offers the best possible conditions for cultivation. It was in 1992 when Claudio Viviani started bottling the produce of the family's 14 ha after decades of his father selling in bulk. How far he has come, now Viviani is firmly among the leading lights of the appellation.


The vineyards are grown using the French Guyot System and buds range from six to ten. Great attention to detail is paid in the vineyard (pruning, green harvesting and hand selecting at harvest time), whilst in the winery extractions are very gentle and intervention is minimal. For Recioto, Valpolicella Superiore and Amarone the grapes are dried in very small amounts in tiny cases, this allows for the air in their windy out-building to dry the grapes very efficiently and helps prevent disease. Very labour intensive, their drying house is packed to the rafters with small cases, but the results are clearly worth the effort. Maceration lasts for approximately 40 days the wine is refined in french oak barrels varying in size for about 36 to 40 months.