Justerini & Brooks House Wines

Justerins House Wines

Putting your own label on a wine requires no small measure of confidence, that the wine you are promoting stands up to the competition and is good enough to bear the company name.

It's for this reason that in recent years we have slimmed down our house selection. It now stands at 6 wines, 3 champagnes and a port. A selection that we feel truly represents the best value, most true to their origin offerings of their particular type. Our two clarets, the much loved 61 Reserve Claret and our ever popular J&B Pomerol are both made exclusively for us by the Moueix Family - true royalty of the Bordelais Right Bank and producers of wines such as Petrus, Providence, Hosanna and Belair-Monange. We changed our J&B Red Burgundy producer in 2006 and haven't looked back since. The plaudits roll in and the customers who taste this cannot understand how such a fine burgundy can cost so little. The fact that the grapes come from in and around Vosne-Romanee might have something to do with the quality. Our longest running house champagne - Sarcey - continues to provide complete elegance at a very affordable price tag, whilst the 250th Anniversary blend is now in its 19th year of 100% Pinot Noir popularity. By popular demand indeed!