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Justerini & Brooks


Justerini & Brooks House Wines



Grape Type:

Pinot Noir

Justerini & Brooks, 250th Anniversary Cuvée, Champagne, Extra Dry, NV

12x75cl £185.00

10 cases, 10 bottles

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6x150cl £201.50

10 cases, 1 bottle

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6x150cl £235.80

7 cases

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1x300cl £112.00

4 cases

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Tasting Note:

A Champagne cuvee created in celebration of our 250th anniversary in 1999. Made entirely from Pinot Noir grapes by Paul Dangin in the Côtes de Bar, the wine is left on its lees for three years. This, together with excellent quality Pinot Noir fruit and the warmer climate of the Bar region, lends it great richness, generosity and opulent red fruit characteristics. A perennial Justerini & Brooks favourite.

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