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Justerini & Brooks


Justerini & Brooks House Wines



Grape Blend:

Merlot | Cab. Franc

Justerini & Brooks, Pomerol, NV

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11 bottles

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Tasting Note:

The true identity of our House Pomerol is highly classified. In fact all the buyers involved in the assemblage have had to sign the Official Secrets Act 1911, such is its sensitivity. All we can say is the wine comes from two of the leading estates on the plateau of Pomerol, and arrogant as it may sound, it is absolutely delicious! In truth, we can’t really take any credit; blending fruit that hails from the world’s greatest terroirs isn’t that challenging. This cuvee is produced predominantly from the wonderful 2015 vintage. It is actually a bit more forward and aromatic than the more restrained 2014. There is an explosion of sweet berry fruit, flowers and Kirsch. The palate is awash with opulent plummy fruit. It is round and mouth filling with a beautiful silky texture. We are delighted to see how this luxurious cuvee has knitted together – it has all the perfume, charm and sophistication we are looking for in a Pomerol.

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