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Justerini & Brooks


Justerini & Brooks House Wines



Grape Blend:

Chardonnay |Pinot Noir | Pinot Meunier

Justerini & Brooks, Sarcey, Brut, Champagne, Private Cuvée, NV

12x75cl £180.00

10 cases, 8 bottles

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12x37.5cl £112.00

10 cases, 5 bottles

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12x37.5cl £129.15

2 cases

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Tasting Note:

The old family run Boizel house who were established in 1834 have for decades been sparing us their best cuvées for our Sarcey Champagne. The blend is comprises the region’s three grape varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, the latter the dominating component. A wine of exquisite balance, backbone, poise and structure, showing red berry flavours, a toasty richness and zesty citrus rind notes.

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