Krug Creations Case

Krug Créations Case - Vintage and Grand Cuvée

What is there to be said about Krug that hasn't already been said? Established in 1843, this most venerable of old Champagne houses hasn't missed a beat in 171 years of existence. The house style is richness and power tempered by a firm steering hand of acidity and an incredible propensity for ageing. Production involves plot by plot vinification in old oak barrels and rarely done malolactic fermentations. The Clos wines of Ambonnay and Mesnil are some of the rarest and most expensive champagnes in the world. But the beating heart of Krug lies with Grand Cuvée.

Produced from up to 120 different wines from ten different vintages, Grand Cuvée is so much more than a Non-Vintage blend, and in fact Krug themselves refer to it as a Multi-Vintage blend. Each release is composed of a base vintage blended with a vast swathe of Krug history. As a result each release is subtly different, built on vintage specific foundations, with much older wines providing the architecture and fine detail. It is not hard to see why collectors love Grand Cuvée quite so much.

Today's release is a special case Krug has put together featuring the hot, yet highly successful Krug vintage of 2003. With typical Champenoise flair Krug have named this vintage Vivacité Solaire. The Créations case comprises three bottles of 2003 Vintage Krug, and three bottles of Krug Grand Cuvée base vintage 2003 - ID211021. The oldest wine in the Grand Cuvée blend is 1988, the youngest 2003. These 2003s at Krug are delightful today, and should continue to develop for a number of years if cellared.

ID codes: Every Grande Cuvée blend now has an ID code on each bottle. They are something of a pioneer in this respect. The first number in the code will tell you what quarter that bottle was disgorged in, the next two digits the year. Additionally the code can be plugged into Krug's website, whereupon more information about that specific bottle is revealed, including the oldest and youngest vintages in that particular blend. This should prove of great interest to the collector, who will be able to compare Grande Cuvée bottles of different ages as they mature.