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Domaine des Forges




Coteaux du Layon

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Domaine des Forges

Owner Claude Branchereau has 25 hectares of Chenin Blanc on the steep St Aubin and Chaume slopes in the Côteaux du Layon appellation. Now ably assisted by his son, Stéphan, Claude produces what must be the most uplifting, vibrant and best value dessert wine in the world. At harvest times several ‘Tris’ (a term given to the process of going through the vineyard and picking off the best grapes) are undertaken and together with minute yields, that barely reach 25 hl/ha, culminate in intense, concentrated wines. Each parcel of vines and the result of each Trie are vinified separately in stainless-steel and fibreglass vats with the very best cuvée, Les Onnis, destined to be bottled.