Grape Types

Historically grown widely in Italy, Spain and Portugal, it can be found as either a full white varietal or a light red. Often blended with other varietals in Orvieto or as Vin Santo in Tuscany. Malmsey is an English corruption of Malvasia, which is known for its importance in Madeira.
Palomino is a white grape widely grown in Spain and South Africa, and best known for its inclusion in the blending of sherries. In Spain, the grape is split into three sub-varieties - Palomino Fino, Palomino Basto, and Palomino de Jerez, of which Palomino Fino is by far the most important, being the principal grape used in the manufacture of sherry.
Sercial is vital in the production of Madeira, either as a blend or as a dry style single varietal. Planted at altitude in the cooler North facing vineyards, Sercial has very high acidity which is required for the ageing potential of quality Madeira.
Also grown in the Hunter Valley and Victoria, Verdhelo is best known in Madeira where it produces medium-dry wines for single varietal Madeira or in blends.