Verdelho, Madeira, 1973

  Pereira d'Oliveira

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Contains Sulphites.

About Pereira d'Oliveira

Dating back to 1820, Pereira d'Oliveira is one of the great old Madeira houses. Owned by the same family since its inception it is one of the few houses to survive from the pre-phylloxera era, and with an almost unique selection of very old and rare stocks.

Over the years, the family have wisely and patiently put aside multiple barrels of their finest vintages, bottling in small batches, as and when demand requires it. This hugely extended barrel ageing, alongside grapes coming almost entirely from family owned vineyards on fine plots of land, and a little je ne sais quoi, are all part of the magical equation that gives rise to the thrillingly racy 'house' style of the d'Oliveira Madeiras.

Appellation: Madeira

Madeira is a beautiful island located off the coast of Portugal famed for its dazzling array of fortified wines. Discovered by happy accident, it undergoes a fairly brutal ageing process which bizarrely renders the final wine not only highly delicious, but also as age-worthy as just about any wine in existence. 18th century trans-Atlantic voyages saw barrels of astringent wine fortified with a bucket or two of local brandy, a process these days replicated with long barrel ageing in specially constructed hot stores called Estufas. This process of repeated heating and cooling, a sure death knell for any other wine, produces wines that run from aperitif to digestif, with broad swathes of intense flavour always tempered by a keen blade of uplifting acidity.

Grape Type: Verdelho

Also grown in the Hunter Valley and Victoria, Verdhelo is best known in Madeira where it produces medium-dry wines for single varietal Madeira or in blends.