Giuseppe Mascarello 2012s

Giuseppe Mascarello are a bastion of traditional Barolo wine-making. The product of long, gentle fermentations and ageing for a minimum of 36 months in some of the region’s largest, oldest casks, the Giuseppe Mascarello Barolos are amongst the purestest and most unforced examples to be found. The wines themselves bear this out. From the sandier, floral Villero and the powerful Santo Stefano to the sublimely ethereal Monprivato, each of their vineyard expressions sing brightly and clearly with their very own individual characters.

The 2012 vintage seems to be the perfect partner for this delicate, sensitive approach to wine-making. A fresher, cooler vintage than its predecessor, 2012 here has delivered wines that offer a magical, seamless quality. Bright and vivid without ever being too sharp or austere, intense but elegant and bubbling with personality. These are a must-have for any Nebbiolo-phile, whilst their charm and clarity will appeal to many a Burgundy lover.