New Release – J.J. Prüm's 2014s

Another typically assured range from the legendary J.J. Prüm

There are very few estates with as devoted a following as Mosel icon, J.J. Prüm. Anyone who has had the pleasure of an older bottle from this exemplary estate will almost certainly have fallen under their spell, and those that have not will surely have heard tales of bottles that wooed. Often tough to taste when young (though increasingly less so), the Prüm wines follow a very slow yet consistent maturation curve that has a near faultless track record for longevity and ensuing levels of excellence.

Today’s offer sees the first release of Katharina Prüm's very fine 2014s, a classic vintage that her father, the entirely charming Manfred Prüm rates amongst the likes of 2008 and 2004. Having seen over 45 vintages into the winery Dr Prüm has more experience than most, yet even he had to conceded that this vintage provided the odd challenge come harvest. The desire to pick when ripe and not rush in early meant they were forced to confront twin pests of outbreaks of unwanted rot and vinegar flies. Only by employing far greater number of pickers than normal, and instructing them to carry out an extremely stringent selection process were the Prüm able to ensure the cleanest fruit made it into the winery. The resulting wines major in elegance alongside typical Prüm high definition flavours and a general sense of effortless balance. Acids are lower than in 2013, but on a par with “normal” cool and racy vintages giving the wines a pleasing sense of backbone and stability. Fruit characteristics were open and engaging, implying a sense of early enticement not always found at this address, though longevity is not in question. All in all 2014 marks another typically assured and delicious range of wines from Katharina and Manfred Prüm that devotees will not want to miss out on.