Paolo Conterno

A striking new find in Barolo

Founded by Paolo Conterno in 1886, it was Paolo's son Carlo who started to bottle the estate's own production, albeit in small quantities. Today the estate’s 10 hectares are centred around the fabulous Ginestra Cru of Monforte, and managed by fourth generation Conternos, Giorgio and Marisa.

The Baroli are aged in large 35hl French oak barrels for at least 3 years, followed by a further 6-12 months in bottle, whilst the Baroli Riserva is aged for 4 year in barrel and 12 months in bottle. Thanks to Giorgio and Marisa the plaudits have been streaming in of late. They seem to have an extraordinary ability to take the stout, mineral and sturdy form that Monforte Baroli so often have and craft them in to something very polished without loss of character. They are traditionally made in the best possible sense and point to a reinvigorated Barolo estate that is well worth following.

"Giorgio Conterno's 2010 Barolos were all in barrel at the time of my tastings, but they all showed tremendous promise. Over the last few years, the Barolos at this small, family -run property have been quite striking."
Antonio Galloni, January 2014 -

The wines are currently abroad and will be shipped in autumn 2014.