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Colour: Red
Producer: Graham's
Region: Port
Appellation: Douro
Grape Variety: Touriga Nacional

Graham's, Vintage Port, 2003

5 bottles
£66.67 per bottle

Tasting Note:

It was at Graham’s Quinta do Malvedos where the Symingtons first started experimenting with their clever, pioneering robotic lagar. Used in conjunction with traditional treading it has been producing remarkable results in the last two vintages. The vintage began at Malvedos on the 15th September; the vines had benefited from end of August showers and had by then yielded healthy grapes showing no signs of heat damage. The Touriga Franca achieved a near record of 14.5º Baumé. Lovers of the Graham’s style will be delighted by the 2003 with its silky seductive liqueur fruit and dark chocolate notes. Its hallmark generosity and sweetness bridled by an underlying tannic power make this an absolute classic.

Discover Port

The spectacular Douro valley is one of the world’s most breathtaking vineyard areas. The Douro’s origins are in Spain (known there as the ‘Duero’) from where it carves its way through Portugal before finally dispersing into the Atlantic Ocean at Oporto.The vine spreads like a rash over 165 ...

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