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Colour: Red
Producer: Quinta Do Vesuvio
Region: Port
Appellation: Douro
Grape Variety: Touriga Nacional

Quinta Do Vesuvio, Vintage Port, 2011

1 case
Equiv. £50.00 per bottle

Tasting Note:

Quinta do Vesuvio is the only major Douro Quinta where 100% of the production is produced in foot trodden stone lagars, a production method that hasn't changed since the nineteenth century. The resulting wine is perhaps the silkiest of all the Symington ports, a study in seductive fruit and super fine tannins. And whilst this might not be the longest lived of all ports, it scores very highly on the pure pleasure scale. Sweet wild strawberries, plums and blueberry notes all caress the palate in waves of ripe, succulent fruit. The lovely balance on display will ensure a good life ahead, yet the impatient should be able to approach this relatively early.

Discover Port

The spectacular Douro valley is one of the world’s most breathtaking vineyard areas. The Douro’s origins are in Spain (known there as the ‘Duero’) from where it carves its way through Portugal before finally dispersing into the Atlantic Ocean at Oporto.The vine spreads like a rash over 165 ...

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