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Grape Variety:

Touriga Nacional

Taylor's, Vintage Port, 2018

6x75cl £325.00

4 cases Equiv. £54.17 per bottle

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Tasting Note:

A wine of precision, length and intensity, layers of fresh plummy fruit, exotic flowers and dark herbs are contained by schist-mineral infused tannins and a long rich sweetness on the finish. Vargellas, the main component of the blend in 2018, thrived in the year’s vagarious conditions, thanks to its high proportion of old vines and a deep root system which helps to self-moderates yield and quality. At a maximum of 700g grapes per vine, but more often nearer 250g, the 2018 has as much colour and tannin as the 2017, but delivers those qualities in a more flowing, fragrant manner. The Fladgates believe it to have “tremendous ageing potential”, and from our tastings, we agree. It is a spellbinding Port in every sense. The total output is just below that of 2017 but above 2016, at approximately 8k cases. To put that in context, there was less Taylor’s bottled in 2016, 2017 and 2018 combined than there was in the 1985 vintage alone. Quality has never been higher.

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