Château Belair

This estate was owned by the Dubois-Challon family since 1916, and covers 13 hectares of vines planted, predominantly, on well-drained limestone-based soils. The Château is the immediate neighbor of Ausone, situated on the south-facing slope of Saint-Emilion known as the "Côte", overlooking the distant Dordogne river. A traditional winemaking approach is adopted by Pascal Delbeck, new owner and formerly Cellar Manager of Bélair for more than 20 years, working with nature in the vineyard and adopting a minimalist intervention approach in the winery. Since 2005 the Moueix family of Libourne have taken a share in the property and now work hand in hand with Delbeck, with impressive results. Bélair shows signs of finding once more its former glory as one of the finest wines of St Emilion.
Colour Range:
Number of Wines:
1 wine
Price Range:
£500.00 - £500.00
Château Belair