Sierra Cantabria

There is building work going on at the Egurens’ in San Vicente de la Sonsierra. On a hilltop looking overlooking the town, enormous blocks of rock are being carved from the hill to create over 2kms of cool, calm tunnels. As a way of closing the circle, the very blocks coming out of the ground are being used to build the monastic, light filled winery above. Thin sheets of marble fill the windows like stained glass windows. With North South views over Rioja Alta and the Sierra Cantabrian mountain range it looks set to become quite a facility, giving the team space, a gravity fed winemaking operation, and much easier working conditions. If it helps them to make better wines than their 2010s we are in for fireworks because 2010 is a veritable classic combining deep cool power, suave tannins and an inherent freshness; Marcus Eguren believes it’s the best he can remember. San Vicente and Amancio have glorious lives ahead of them. A bottle of 82 Crianza over lunch with Miguel and Eduardo Eguren proved just how beautifully their style of wine making evolves. This is without a doubt one of the truly great Rioja estates.
Colour Range:
White, Red, Rosé
Number of Wines:
9 wines
Price Range:
£50.00 - £235.00
Sierra Cantabria