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Domaine de l’Ile
Region: Rest of France
Appellations: Provence
Colour Range: Rosé
Price Range: £87.50
Number of Wines: 1 wine

Domaine de l’Ile

When the fashion house Chanel purchased Domaine de l’Ile in 2019 they were continuing a 100 year old tradition of wine production on the island of Porquerolles; a 12.5 hectare organically farmed national park nature reserve, situated off France’s Côte d’Azur. Bathed in light and blessed with an atmospheric humidity that perfectly balances out the burning winds from the south, the island terroir, predominantly quartzite, clay and schist, is the ideal home for producing aromatically captivating Rosés with just the right kiss of sea air. Add in the scents of an island rich in flora, where eucalyptus and pine forests dot the landscape, and the result is a rosé of real sophistication matched to an easy natural balance.

Given the Chanel group’s penchant for dialling up quality at their various estates, Ch. Canon and Rauzan Segla being stellar examples, it is no surprise that Domaine de l’Ile Rosé is already stunning. With Nicolas Audebert overseeing production, Thomas Duclos consulting, and ex-Lafleur Pierre Etcheberry managing the estate day to day, the group has assembled an all-star cast with which to fashion this delicious Provençale rosé.