Bernard Faurie

Since 1980, the amiable and enthusiastic Bernard Faurie has slowly built up his Domaine, with holdings in Les Greffieux and Le Méal at just over 0.5 hectares to nearly two hectares. Bernard is patiently awaiting the construction of a brand new cellar but for the meantime he has to make do with his current one that doubles up as a general storage area. This can often prolong tastings quite dramatically as Bernard scrambles over an assortment of objects from trampolines to tricycles in order to get from one cask to the next. However, his wild, typical and traditonallymade examples of Hermitage really make it worth the wait, being packed with aromas of violet and flavours of crunchy, powerful and spicy hedgerow fruit flavours.
Colour Range:
Number of Wines:
3 wines
Price Range:
£450.00 - £665.00
Bernard Faurie