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René Rostaing




Côte Rôtie

Grape Type:


Côte Rôtie, Côte Brune, 2017

Tasting Note:

Both floral and smoky aromas. Dense velvety and multi layered on the palate. Powerful, dark, floral fruit. A wonderful paradox of high and low, presenting both floral rose petal notes and a grounded earthy character. Flavours of woody spices, autumnal smoky bramble touches and an iron-like blood orange quality. A stunning wine packed with character and robust in structure. Unique. This comes from a parcel once owned by Marius Gentaz that René replanted in 1999. Perfectly situated between La Turque and the Brune from Jamet. It is not produced every year but according to the quality and suitability of the season. You don’t have the limestone you get in Cote Blonde, here, but a redder clay and schist soil giving broader-scale wines. Fermented with 100% whole bunches and aged in large demi-muid casks, a maximum of 10% of which are new.

Discover Rhône

France’s wine growing “Rhone Valley” in reality covers two very distinct wine growing regions, separated by a vine-free gap of approximately 30 miles. Whilst the A.O.C. Cotes de Rhone can in theory come from both the North and the South, in practice the two zones produce remarkably distinct wines. ...

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