AA Badenhorst

Adi Badenhorst is one of a handful of producers who has really reinvented the image of South African wine abroad. In doing so he has inspired a whole host of "New Wave" producers to seek out and refocus on the Swartland's local and historic grape varieties, and work a range of old, troublesome vineyards. The results speak for themselves and Adi Badenhorst has firmly established himself as one of South Africa's leading producers, with a reputation for straight-talking and being a bit unpredictable! Rather like the man himself, the range is imbued with enormous personality and complexity in an unmistakably Swartland style. That such a thing is recognisable at all nowadays is testament to this outstanding region, and where they once erred on the wild side and proved a little too edgy for some, the Badenhorst wines are now cleaner than ever. Thankfully they have not lost any of the distinctive savoury, spicy flavours that have made this charismatic man a star.
Colour Range:
Number of Wines:
1 wine
Price Range:
£120.00 - £120.00
AA Badenhorst